GHMC redefines "Rectified" Part II. Fixes after RTI.

Update2: GHMC fixes it. See last image in this post.
Update: Filed an RTI as of today – 15th July 2010 regarding this.

This should get you rolling on the floor, laughing. GHMC recently replaced seriously dysfunctional traffic lights at the Jubilee Check post. However, one of the lights was installed in a way that it was blocked by Hyderabad Traffic Police’s own stand. See pic:

On 4th June, I filed a complaint asking them to take care of it. A few days later, it read “Rectified” and when I checked it, I was shocked to see nothing had changed.

The best part comes when I looked at the signal yesterday and noticed this :

Some genius actually let an advertiser put up a banner exactly in front of the traffic light, completely blocking the light now.

As a follow up to the great ‘job’ done by GHMC, I have filed another complaint just today, and if no one decides to respond, or if some great GHMC worker again “fixes” it, I’ll have to use my secret weapon (Right to Information) to get the job done.

It’s funny how Indians have to get government workers to do the work they are paid for.

Update2: After filing the RTI, GHMC fixes it:

RTI works!

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