Dignigied response to the Ayodhya verdict.

On the Thursday of 30th Sep’10, the nation rose to a tension filled morning, not sure what trouble to expect to erupt at what time, with police and paramilitary literally locking down the nation in many sensitive area. At 4pm, glued to the TV sets were thousands of households watching a bunch of irresponsible lawyers showing signs of victory and we were almost sure we’d be under curfew.

However to everyone’s surprise (and relief) there was not a single report of violence in the whole country, thanks to the late judgment, a more informed public, toned-down politicians, and requests for peace from various communities. Online communities, twitter comments were full of requests for peace, and suggestions on what would be best in the interest of the nation, with some recommending leaving the land totally barren, or constructing a memorial, and more. The latest news article reports about a Shia body offering 15 lakhs for the construction of a temple and requesting the Waqf board to not appeal in the SC. Hats off! This is indeed a very mature response to the verdict and goes to show that we are growing as a nation.

It’s my humble request to all fellow citizens of India to put down  ill-feelings  based on cast, religion, region and language and move ahead as a united nation. Let’s stop building religious structures and start building the nation!

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