Baava – A ridiculous movie. Not for the urban viewer.

Just came back after watching Siddarth’s latest movie – Baava. I usually go to Siddarth’s movies blindly, without waiting for reviews, and this was no different especially as this was released more than a year after his previous Oy! Add to that, I was watching a movie after nearly 5 months, a stark contrast to the 2 movies per week ME that I was until last year. So, I booked tickets online early in the week, and was eagerly waiting for the weekend. But, just 5 minutes into the film,  I knew I got stuck big time.

Right from the start, the script was loose, and the story never went anywhere. None of the characters in the movie had anything solid to perform. Nope, not even the hero. Siddarth himself did try to deliver his best, although it was clear that he was not able to involve himself into the shallowly written script. Emotions were thrown around in spots, with (forced) comedy performances by Sid’s sidekicks and a special appearance by Brahmanandam and Ali. Performances by Brahmanandam usually provide a round of relief in most useless movies, but the spoof written for him and Ali was also so poorly done nobody could spare a smile a few scenes later.

Music, by Chakri, was well below the bearable, except for the title “Baava” song (sung by Sid himself) which had decent beats. Background score was non-existent except for the odd ‘copied-from-another-movie’ bit thrown at the audience once in a while.

There was very little utilization of Rajendra Prasad’s acting skills and his performance in this movie pales in comparison, wait, should not even be compared to his performance in any other movie of his. During the few minutes he is on the screen, he is adding ‘sentimental value’ to the movie or is being humiliated by others. He and Sid did share decent chemistry on screen but again the script fails to make use of the same.

The new heroine Pranitha looks to have been subtly used to lure front row audiences of the Rs10 per ticket kind, although not as obviously as heroines are in other ‘mass’ movies. Other performances are highly repetitive from a plethora of other movies and are forgettable.

This movie has nothing to offer for the educated, office going class found in multiplexes. Rather people were found (including us) laughing at all the crap this movie was dishing out, for we had nothing better to do in the movie hall. Tilting more towards the mass-movie angle, but still not completely, this movie might not be ‘paisa wasool’ for the Rs10 hooters either. In short, Siddarth has picked a terrible movie and will be adding this to his  “Forgettable Movies” kitty along with Aata, which still was miles ahead of this shit. Never am I going to watch another movie without reading its reviews.

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