Does McDonalds India serve egg in their mayonnaise?

A few days back, I was having a veggie burger from McDonalds when I wondered if the mayonnaise they served on their burger was made with eggs or without. Now, I’m a vegetarian, to be precise an ovo-lacto-vegetarian. Although I avoid eggs to the best possible extent, I don’t mind them in my cakes, mayo, or ranches. However, I really had to ask them the question on behalf of the millions of Indians who do not eat eggs for religious and other reasons.

I shot an email to McDonalds India after reaching home asking them if they serve egg in their mayo. As of today, I’m waiting for an official reply from them. I will keep you updated on their response. Here is the email I sent them:

Would you please let me know the ingredients for the mayonnaise 
served in your restaurants nationwide? I am a vegetarian and would
like to know if you serve egg-based mayonnaise on your vegetarian
items as well.

Update: After 35 days and a reminder email, I received this reply from a representative at McDonald’s India for West and South:

Dear Sanjay, 
Greetings from McDonald’s! Thank you for writing in to us. Please accept our apologies for not replying sooner. Rest assured all of our mayo is eggless! Please do continue to have our burgers! 
Regards Gauri Karnik 
McDonald’s India – West & South

There! That clears it.

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