The Amazing Quality and Service of Timberland Shoes (Not)

Less than 2 years ago, I bought a wonderful pair of expensive Timberland shoes. After having used Woodlands shoes for more than 4 years I was tired of using them, but they seemed indestructible.

So, I got these seemingly great looking pair of shoes from Timberland although I was feeling guilty for having splurged so much. I thought to myself, if Woodlands could last so long, these should last forever.

A few months later, I switched from the brown pair of laces to the green ones (both provided with the shoes) just for the heck of change, but within a few weeks the green laces started developing bulges and the inner threads come loose.

IMG_4336 IMG_4338

When I visited Timberland (Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad) and asked them what was up, they said “wear and tear” and asked me to get a pair from “Secunderabad” because apparently they don’t stock laces for their own shoes. Wow.

About a month ago, the threading on one of my shoes on a strip started coming off loose, and now there’s a decent enough gap that has developed at the seams. At the time of shoe purchase, I was promised a “lifetime” warranty (of the shoe – pegged at 3 or 4 years) for the shoes for any defects. So, I left for the showroom yet again and showed my shoe to a guy working there. His response did not amaze me “You should get it to a cobbler”. I was thoroughly amused. Wow, I hadn’t even thought of that! This guy is a genuis.


When I asked him about the “lifetime” warranty he threw the most heard line from salespersons around the country “It’s a wear and tear issue”. He meant it wasn’t a manufacturing defect and hence it won’t be covered in warranty. “Then what is?” I though to myself.

I asked him if I could pay the store to have it repaired. He said they didn’t have any such service in store. Again, why are you selling shoes? Here was the only direct store in the entire city and they don’t service what they sell !

How about you buy a car and the dealer refuses to service it? Or if he says the welding came off due to “wear and tear” ?

This shoe store was basically only stocking and selling shoes from Timberland. And what happens after the sale is none of their business. Good luck getting return customers. And, I’ve never seen a sale or discount on any of their shoes while I saw decent discounts on Timberland shoes in the USA last time I visited.

Full thumbs down for Timberland.

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5 Responses to The Amazing Quality and Service of Timberland Shoes (Not)

  1. Seros kers says:

    dear sir,
    If you have paid full price as printed on the price Tag, (and have not picked up the same on offers or inhouse discounts)
    you a eligible for a free repair or replacement from any of your stores world across.

    please provide me the store details where you purchased the shoes along with the scan copy of purchase invoice or receipt if possible.

    thanks and regards
    Seros Kers
    General Manager
    Asia Pacific region
    Timberland Inc.

    send on my personal email ID along with images

    • Sanjay V says:

      Hi Seros,

      These shoes were purchased about 2 years ago, although I blogged about it much later in sheer frustration. The receipt I was handed over is now useless because all the print has vanished (this is a clever trick used by increasing number of merchants) and there’s no way to tell if it’s a white sheet of paper or a receipt.

      I’m, however, pretty sure the store would be able to look-up purchase history and retrieve my purchase like they did when I visited the store.


  2. kaka says:

    Timberland is not that worth of a money .. They are very expensive starting at 5000 .. You can get a very nice pair of woodland shoes instead of them . woodlands are great value for money … Tossing 10 k or 15 k on some foreign brand shoes (that aint that worth) is foolish thing.. And These days there are some more indigneous companies emerged in footwear segment offering good quality made shoes at great value . i would say always go for domestic made products and appreciate them ..

  3. Jaz UK says:

    Excellent article. No wonder they got kicked out of India with issues like that. Big western world country. My foot!!

  4. I just got my woodland shoes abused for 4 years from free service(yes, free service where my sole came out). The manager didnt even expect tips or anything. Out of sheer delight, there was a sale and bought a another shoe for 1500 bucks(retails 4k). I asked him, would you give free service to even this shoes, he smiled and said all shoes are covered. I am seriously impressed with the attitude and confidence of woodland staff for returning customer

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