Defrost Timer – A Look Inside

If the defrost timer on your fridge is a mechanical timer (works like a wall clock, and ticks annoyingly), then sometime or the other you’ll have this thing fail on you. Ours did, but I wanted to be sure it couldn’t be saved, so I decided to pry it open. It isn’t easy to open the timer up. You’ll inadvertently break a tab or two (I broke one), and you’ll have to be careful opening it up, because as soon as you pop it open all the parts fly into the air. One, you’ll have to search all over the room for parts. Two, because you’ve no idea what the parts are, you’ll never know if you should stop searching for more parts. Third, when you do gather all parts and try to put it back in, you’ll have no idea which part goes where.

I scourged the Internet for a close-up picture of any defrost timer to help me put all the gears and parts back in, but I found nothing.

So, to help some people who might be in a similar situation, I post these pictures of my defrost timer and I hope it helps you put things back in the way they were. When I put all the parts back in, my timer started ticking again. I’ve no idea what fixed it, but the ritual of opening and putting everything back in seems to have worked. Click on the pictures for a full view.



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1 Response to Defrost Timer – A Look Inside

  1. Cameron says:

    You sir are a total legend!

    I just did exactly this and pulled apart a faulty defrost timer. I managed to try off the top without breaking any tabs. I did however cut myself with the screwdriver and bled a bit so something did break. A few of the cogs came flying out and I had to try to get them all back in place. I could work out where all of them went apart from the horizontal one. For some stupid reason I thought it would likely go in vertically like all of the others. I just couldn’t see how it would fit back in and it was driving me mad. The “worm” thread on the horizontal piece should have given it away.

    Google came to the rescue when I searched for “defrost timer internals”. The second I saw your photo it all made sense.

    I’ll probably never reuse this part but not knowing how this worked internally let alone how it went back together would have driven me insane. I expect you suffer from the “how does it work” brain that I have too.

    Thankyou for posting this up. I’m sure many others have found it useful but never bothered to post.

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