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Learn Scrum in Less Than An Hour

Well, if you’re part of an organization that does not do Agile (Scrum or not), OR an organization that’s in a transformation towards it, OR in an organization that already does Agile but you’re new and do not know what … Continue reading

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Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar – A Money Pit

We recently visited Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar at Jaipur (or LMB) after it was recommended by several people both online and off of it. We were terribly hungry when we went in, so we planned to dive right into the main … Continue reading

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The Amazing Quality and Service of Timberland Shoes (Not)

Less than 2 years ago, I bought a wonderful pair of expensive Timberland shoes. After having used Woodlands shoes for more than 4 years I was tired of using them, but they seemed indestructible. So, I got these seemingly great … Continue reading

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Baava – A ridiculous movie. Not for the urban viewer.

Just came back after watching Siddarth’s latest movie – Baava. I usually go to Siddarth’s movies blindly, without waiting for reviews, and this was no different especially as this was released more than a year after his previous Oy! Add … Continue reading

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Hindustan Unilever Pure (bullsh) iT

UPDATE – 9th Oct ’09 : A visit from PureIt sales guy, and a promise of replacement. UPDATE2 – 16th Oct’09 : Another visit from PureIt. We received a complete replacement of the battery kit, for free. A consumer battle … Continue reading

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