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TravisCI: Export From Bash Scripts

Let’s say your TravisCI file is cluttering up due to having too many shell / bash commands in the “.travis.yml” file and you’ve decided to move the commands out to a separate shell script. Now, you’ll want to get export/return … Continue reading

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Learn Scrum in Less Than An Hour

Well, if you’re part of an organization that does not do Agile (Scrum or not), OR an organization that’s in a transformation towards it, OR in an organization that already does Agile but you’re new and do not know what … Continue reading

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Public IP Address of Private AWS Instances?

Do you want to find out the public IP address of your private instances (those in a private VPC subnet) but don’t know how? An easy way to do this would be to just do a “whatsmyip” equivalent on the … Continue reading

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TravisCI and Ansible on AWS

If you’re trying to use Travis CI and Ansible playbooks to spin up and configure instances on AWS, you’ll want to do things at some point: Configure instances on private subnets with Ansible via bastion host Secure the said Bastion … Continue reading

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Defrost Timer – A Look Inside

If the defrost timer on your fridge is a mechanical timer (works like a wall clock, and ticks annoyingly), then sometime or the other you’ll have this thing fail on you. Ours did, but I wanted to be sure it … Continue reading

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Find out last day of month using “cal” on Unix

I was writing a script the other day that required having to find out the last day of a month in a future month again generated by the script. I searched online for solutions but most of them were based … Continue reading

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AWS Cloudwatch Custom Metrics on Windows Server (missing documentation)

If you’re trying to setup/add custom metrics on an AWS instance (because Amazon didn’t see it fit to include something as basic memory usage to their metrics list), then you might have run into this page. What the page doesn’t … Continue reading

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Incremental backup for free!

I have a nice collection of music on my computer and have been wanting to back it up to my external drive for a very long time. However, my collection grows almost every week and I’d hate to have to … Continue reading

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Windows 7 BSOD (E1K62x64.sys) issue with Intel 82577 Ethernet controller, solved

A few days ago, a Windows 7 64 bit user came up with a “XP Downgrade” request citing blue screen issues with her Win7 installation. First, this issue which was apparently troubling the user for a few days was never … Continue reading

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Media player(s) hits brakes on Linux's trip to the deskop

While the entire open-source world is all praise for the development happening with FOSS these days, and of how Linux will ‘take on the desktop’ market (every) next year, I have a few reasons of my own for not making … Continue reading

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