DC/OS Kill Mesos Framework

You want to kill a Mesos framework but you’ve no idea how? You’ve looked at this page but it still doesn’t make sense? Then here’s what you need to do to kill a framework on Mesos.

In my case, I have Spark running on DC/OS. In this particular situation, I had Spark in a limbo state not running any tasks we were throwing at it. Our resources were at 100% utilization but none of our tasks were really running, although their status said otherwise. After trying in vain to kill using “dcos spark kill” I tried to kill individual drivers using this:

curl -XPOST https://<your-mesos-endpoint>/master/teardown -d 'frameworkId=6078e555-358c-454f-9359-422f1b6026bd-0002-driver-20161203012921-30627'

But, even though it deleted the drivers from Mesos, the drivers continued to run in the cluster. I figured there had to be a better way to do this. And that’s when I decided to kill the Spark framework instead:

curl -XPOST https://<your-mesos-endpoint>/mesos/master/teardown -d 'frameworkId=6078e555-358c-454f-9359-422f1b6026bd-0002'

And that worked like magic. It killed all the running and pending drivers and also killed Spark.

Once that was done, I removed Spark’s exhibitor entry, and reinstalled Spark.

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