Learn Scrum in Less Than An Hour

Well, if you’re part of an organization that does not do Agile (Scrum or not), OR an organization that’s in a transformation towards it, OR in an organization that already does Agile but you’re new and do not know what it is, then look no further than this book right here: http://amzn.to/1tiovv9

Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction

This is an amazingly short, crisp, and distilled book that doesn’t waste any time in beating around the bush or thanking their family and friends for their help and patience in writing it. The book quickly gets to talking about the various features of Scrum form of Agile – including: Roles, Scrum Artifacts, Sprints (and what they mean), and, well, that’s almost it! At the end of the read you’d have come out with a very clear foundational idea of what Scrum is. You could choose to further explore each of the topics on your own (Google?) for further information or clarification.

This is also one of those books that you could give out to your team if you’re part of an organization about to embark on an Agile Scurm journey. It’s cheap, apt, concise and will get the team going in a very short time.

I’m a huge fan of short books that can be re-read regularly – I prefer this form over long books where you forget the context of the first chapter by the time you get to the last one. I chose the Kindle version of the book which is under a dollar and is cheaper than a can of soda.

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